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Exterior Studio-1 - Ruck Goldreyer.jpg

Studio in Cambridge, NY

Painting is my way of translating the world around me. The natural world leaves me awestruck every day. The shapes, colors and adaptations that occur surpass my wildest imagination.

My goal when I paint is to find the elusive essence of a place with the hope of translating that essence visually to others. I have found that when I get to that stripped core, powerful feelings are evoked in the viewing. I am thrilled when I occasionally succeed.

Over the past four years, I have been working on a series called Earth Interrupted which explores humankind’s interface with the earth. Man as an interrupter of the natural world.

Our increasing urban imprint through industrial development and urbanization has cascaded the changes in our earth’s environment causing ozone depletion, catastrophic weather changes and a host of unforeseen consequences to man himself.


I feel compelled to understand and capture the changes that are happening right in front of our eyes. As an artist who loves nature, these changes are horrifying while sometimes being visually beautiful. It is this final contradiction that keeps me painting the Earth Interrupted series.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Art MuseumThe 22nd Japan International Art Exhibition 
April Gold Award

The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
The 21st Japan International Art Exhibition 
April Gold Award
Japan Corporate Collection of Yugen Gaisha Shimmin Garou 
Scorched Earth
Praxis Artspace, Adelaide, S. Australia
Sister City II International Collaborative Exhibition - April

Linton & Kay Gallery, Mandoon Estate, Perth Australia
Sept - Oct 22, 2022

Margin Alexander Atelier World on Piano NYC 
Featured Fire Escape created for Sister City II with Jillian Ciemitis

Chris McNulty album cover
Featuring Drowning Tree created with Jillian Ciemitis

 Los Angeles Art Association
Factory Fresh Show  March  Flotsum, Jetsum & Nurdles


Women Painters West

Justice for All   Second Place Award

Los Angeles Art Association

Remodeling in Process  sold work

Limner Gallery  Hudson New York

Geographics Global Meltdown

20th International Art Exhibition 

National Art Center  Tokyo Japan

TAG Gallery  Los Angeles

ART*itects Architects who Art

4 Solo artists

Southern Vermont Art Center

Manchester Vermont Fall Show


Southern Vermont Art Museum Manchester Vt.

Solo Show

Art of the Square, Bergamot Station ,Santa Monica, CA

1st place award

Los Angeles Art Association juried shows: 

    Petite Works

    Indistinct Chatter

    Field of Vision


National Art Center,

19th International Art Exhibition, Japan  Award of Excellence

Maple Ridge Gallery, Cambridge,


N.Y. Solo show

Southern Vermont Art Center,  Manchester VT.

Summer show


Laffer Gallery, Schuyerville, NY

Upstate Artists Show

Maple Ridge Gallery, NY

Landscape for Landsake

Southern Vermont Art Center, Manchester, VT  Summer/Winter show


Schylerville, NY

Upstate Artists Show

Maple Ridge Gallery, NY

Landscape for Landsake 

Southern Vermont Art Center, Manchester, VT

Summer/ Winter show


2012- 2008

Venice Family Clinic Art Auction, Venice, CA



2012, 2013

Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA

Art for Clare 

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